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Changing Ways and Getting Digital.

Image result for get digitalHello again, I’m back to give my third and final summary of my DICE conferences. The year has concluded with the ‘Get Digital’ seminar on April 11th in the Helix. Unlike the previous seminars, ‘Get Digital’ was a two-hour conference involving three speakers. They each shared their own stories of how they’re changing themselves and the world in 2017.

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In an ever-changing world, it is important that businesses get digital themselves. Digital transformation in the 21st century is changing how businesses interact with consumers. People are constantly devising faster, more efficient ways of doing things, disrupting markets, causing positive change. In Capgemini’s report ‘The Digital Advantage’, they found that companies who are highly vested in digital intensity & transformation management intensity tend to be more profitable (Solis, 2017). With the ever-growing technological advances through mobile and the unending demands of customers, businesses need to keep evolving to keep up with competitive markets. The following three speakers have all been keeping up with trends and shared their stories as to how they’re helping to change their ways of business.

Dr. Johnny Walker – Jinga Life

Image result for dr johnny walker jinga lifeJohnny got the evening started by briefly introducing himself as an Interventional Radiologist at the Hermitage Clinic in Liffey Valley, Dublin. He’s also CEO and founder of Jinga Life, a healthcare company with the hope of revolutionising healthcare.

Johnny belives the future of healthcare can be brought forward through technology and he has set up an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for each member of the family, through the Jigna Life platform.

But what does this involve? Johnny wants healthcare to move away from traditional hospital based doctors. He wants to allow people to keep their personal well-being personal to them. Through the use of different analytical tracking systems, he wants to be able to track all health-related issues through Jinga Life. By using simple, compelling technology they aim to allow people to care for themselves in their own homes.

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Johnny and his team are continually working to expand their services to every corner of the world.

If you’d like to learn more about Jinga Life, you can find more info on their website;

David Erixon – Ulster Bank

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Head of Digital and Customer Innovation at Ulster Bank, David Erixon is helping to bring about change to the banking industry. He is trying to make banking more consumer-friendly as well as increase efficiency. Using digital technology banks can help consumers with spending and saving.

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Customers demand for digital banking is growing. In countries such as Sweden only 2% of transactions are done with cash (Henley, 2017). As a user of online banking I agree that its easier and less hassle than carrying around cash. Now, with the use of contactless payment, it is becoming increasingly easy to make payments with card.

New apps on the market are helping consumers plan their spending more efficiently. David spoke highly of 22Seven, an app which tracks loans, bank balances and allows users to put budgets in place for themselves. Apps such as 22Seven are proving popular with consumers because it gives users an in-depth analysis of where their money is going, allowing consumers to make better spending decisions.

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At present, banking is a messy, uncoordinated process when people have multiple accounts all with unique codes, cards etc. Apps such as 22Seven can link accounts to simplify banking. David told us that digital technology is a clear disruptor to the banking industry, but one that will provide definite improvements in the service for consumers.

Alistair Croll – Lean Analytics

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Public speaker and author Alistair Croll concluded the evenings talks with his unique speech. He has had a diverse career and is proud author of ‘Lean analytics’, a book to help start-ups using analytics.

‘On its own, technology is boring’, states Croll. However, when technology is used alongside something else, it has a purpose. Technology has been used to transform industries such as radio and transport. The impact of technology is evident in the farming industry. Croll drew light upon the fact that those living on American farms has dropped from 70% to 1% since the 1900’s, due to the influence of technology.

As well as changing industries, technology has changed us and how we conduct ourselves day to day. On average, we check our phones 82 times a day (I can confidently say I check at least double this). Croll believes more advances in mobile technology will soon be rolled out. At present, we can control & monitor so much from our phones – pre-set heating times, house alarms, even daily steps taken can be tracked. Some companies are even developing technology for ‘wearable smartphones’ (Machine Design, 2017). Years ago, even the thought of some of this was obscene. Are there things that we can only dream of now which will be daily norms in say 10/15 years’ time?

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As my final blog concludes so does my DICE module and my first year in DCU. Get digital has shown me how technology is moving with time and how small changes can have large impacts. Writing these blogs has been a learning experience. As well as learning theory from my course work, seminars have shown me how people are putting theory to action and making strives for improvement.

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